Monday, August 30, 2021

No More Blood Thinners!

Today I took my very last pill of my very last cancer related prescription. I have been on blood thinners since the week before my last chemotherapy. 6 month of Eliquis. 

Getting a large DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in my femoral vein and having some of the clot break off and travel to my lungs was a scary and unexpected part of this journey. Chemo patients are at a higher risk for them and because I had been feeling so awful I was in bed for several days....that combo was the perfect storm. 

I am thankful that I went in, they were very aggressive in treating it and I am thankful to be done. No more twice a day alarms, bleeding profusely from a small cut or waking up to bloody noses. 

My coworkers brought over balloons and silly string and party hats...which was a pretty fun way to take my last pill. My family had tacos for dinner and watched a Disney+ show of my choosing because we celebrate it all. 


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