Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Round 8

Yesterday my numbers looked great and so hallelujah chemo was a go for today!

My Doctor said these last rounds will be the hardest and it will be a slow drag or “slog” as he called it, to the finish line. I figured this was the case but hearing it from him really validated how I felt after round 7 and knowing what’s to come. 

I really like my Hematlogy Oncologist and I loved my Radiation Oncologist. I feel extremely blessed to be in their care. Which is a good thing since I will see them regularly for the next 5 years HA!

After I get this pumped removed and a liter of hydration on Thursday I can say 4 MORE TO GO!
The hope is for March 2nd to be my last chemo but that will depend on my blood counts (mostly my platelets as I’m now getting the bone marrow shot that produces extra WBC‘a every time). 

As I lie here in bed I am thinking about the man to my left today who was finishing his last treatment. He rang the infamous bell. It was the first time I heard it and I got chills. Soon I get to do that. I am also thinking about the lady on my right. It was just her second treatment today and she has little kids. I’m pretty sure she’s my age or younger which would be the first sighting of a younger person since I started. I wanted to go sit next to her and just talk. I’m also thinking about what’s next. How is God going to use me after this is done, who will I get to be an encouragement to or an advocate for? After Covid, who will I come sit with at infusions and offer to drive to an appt and sit with them and just listen? 

In every season of difficulty the situation that I walked through was awful brought about some sort of good. I don’t believe God causes these things to happen, we just live in a broken world and things happen. But I do believe if we allow ourselves to find a way to use these things we walk through to be an opportunity to bring hope, peace and the love of Jesus to others- God will be faithful in it.



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