Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Call to Ministry - 3rd Year

In our denomination, there is an interview each year to renew your diatrict license. This happens every year until you’ve been ordained. The purpose is to check in with you, see how you are coming along in your ministry life, personal life and education life as well. It’s also a time of encouragement and guidance. I am so thankful that our denomination takes this process seriously and helps to affirm and make sure new pastors are as equipped as possible for life in ministry. 

This past week was my 3rd year interview. I had hoped this year would be a year where I was able to take a lot of classes but.... then cancer happened. This process is taking longer than I hoped haha, but I do believe there is something to be said for not rushing through and I am learning a lot outside of the school setting as well. 

The interview was great. The affirmation of my call to ministry and their belief in me as a leader truly is humbling and encouraging. 

I left the interview in tears. Happy tears. Thankful tears.  At the beginning they prayed for me. They prayed healing over my body and they prayed for my family. At the end they had feedback for me (and here’s the part that really made the waterworks roll after I left the room) They told me to take time to heal. They encouraged me not to rush into schooling or other things when my treatment ended. They acknowledged the trauma my family has been through and encouraged my whole family to just heal and take my time. 
I can’t tell you how encouraging that was. To have a team of amazing pastors encouraging you in your call to ministry but also really caring about your health, both physically and mentally meant so much.

No church is perfect. You won’t find one. But I am so grateful to be a part of New Life and the Nazarene denomination, especially on this Oregon district. 


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