Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Preparing for 2021

I’m not trying to be the bad guy, but 2021 isn’t going to magically change our current situation. 

We can say we are done with 2020, but we need to prepare our hearts and minds to continue on steadfastly in the journey we are all on. If we aren’t careful our last ends will fray away, weary as we are. In 2021 we will still be in a global pandemic, we will still be wrestling with systemic racism and the complacency of our country within that reality. In 2021 Christian nationalism will continue to infiltrate the church, and the gaps between socioeconomic groups will widen and I will still be fighting cancer.

 So, the question is, what am I going to do to prepare my heart, my soul, and my body to continue to align myself with Jesus? What rhythms will I put in place to be able to walk in the tension on this earth? The hope I have and the reality of what is - is often uncomfortable, but I believe growth can happen there. What habits can I form that will continue to form me to God’s likeness?

 I don’t set goals, and if 2020 taught me anything it was that it’s definitely okay to not set goals because who really knows what will come our way. But I do desire rhythms, consistency and habit forming rituals that bring my whole self to surrender to a way that is higher than my own. And so, with a new Bible, a new journal and a daily scripture plan I feel...not prepared, but eager to step into a new year where I will again learn how to rely solely on God for all things. 

What about you? https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1_H-Q_dZo1ycMiUZ80pN_cRJr9b2xQSlP