Wednesday, December 16, 2020


If you follow me on social media you know that my chemo got cancelled this week because my platelets were too low. 
Normal range is 140,000-400,000
For chemo the have to be over 100,000 and mine were at 79,000. So pretty low but not so dangerous I’m at risk for bleeding.

My doctor said that basically we’ve maxed my body out with the chemo and I need a week break in addition to reducing the drugs by 25%. 

It was such a bummer to get this news. It means my treatments will go into March instead of being done in February. It means chemo on Christmas week which really stinks since we started my treatment on a specific date so I wouldn’t be having it on the week of Christmas.

So I go in next Monday for blood work and if it’s better I will have chemo that day. I will then go on Tuesday for hydration, Wednesday to get the chemo pump removed and Christmas Eve for more hydration. 

We shed tears. But my Mom picked me back up with her encouragement like she always does and I’m trying to find the silver linings. One of them is that I never bounced back from my last chemo. Usually 9 days after treatment I’m back to having good energy and feeling like myself but this time it never happened. So I’m hoping the extra days of rest this week help me to feel somewhat normal. 

Set backs are set backs but we are still fighting. 


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