Wednesday, December 23, 2020

5 Left to Go!!

I cannot believe it. I can count my rounds on ONE HAND!! 

Monday I had my labs drawn to make sure my platelet levels were high enough to receive chemo. They have to be over 100,000. Last week they were at 79,000 but Monday morning they were at 175,000!!! That week off really did my body good, as much as it’s frustrating to have a delay and end up with chemo on Christmas week.

Chemo was reduced by 25% because my body is just maxed out on the amount, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Treatment went great on Monday and then on Tuesday I went in for hydration. They were able to use my port site by splitting the line I didn’t have to get poked!! I got to see my favorite nurse and just rest for about 90 min.

Today (Wednesday) I went in for my pump removal and the extra tubes. I also found out while I was there I was to get another Neulasta shot to help my bone marrow stay up. I’m guessing that might be a regular thing the rest of these rounds to avoid any dips in my WBC’s and avoid becoming very susceptible to infection. So hoping the bone pain isn’t bad. 

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, I will go in for more hydration and I’m hoping that sets me up well for Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day and that my bad days hold off until after. 

Tonight the boys and I went through the Christmas Drive-Thru experience our church put together. It was amazing! Trevor was with his team but we did get to wave! We had hot cocoa and then went out to see some more lights. When we got home we watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol before I tucked my boys in bed.

Today was a good day.


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