Sunday, November 15, 2020

Wishing to Go Back In Time

Wishing I could go back to this Harry Potter birthday party....

Before my back surgery
Before missing Thanksgiving 
Before Trevor got influenza on Christmas Day and we were in the ER
Before COVID hit and everything shut down
Before several friends moved away
Before school ended and never really started again
Before we spent Easter alone 
Before my colonoscopy 
Before our girl’s bio Dad relapsed
Before my traumatic surgery and extended hospital stay
Before I found out I had cancer
Before 5 weeks of radiation and oral chemo
Before my Grandma fell and got hurt and landed in the hospital multiple times 
Before fires ravaged our community and we had to evacuate twice 
Before port surgery
Before the start of 6 months of chemo infusion 
Before our girl went back into foster care
Before losing friends because I believe Black Lives Matter 

Wishing I could just click my heels and go back in time 


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