Thursday, November 19, 2020

The reality of this Covid/Cancer Combo for me

ICUs in Jackson and Josephine County are currently at 86% capacity.  If ICUs exceed capacity, death rates will go up in a hurry (not COVID deaths, deaths in general. People needing care and not being able to get it in a timely fashion) 

If I get a temp of 100.4 or above I have to go straight to the ER. If the ER is full, if I get to the point I need to be in ICU but it’s full..... tell me how that plays out?

Stay home. Don’t gather with friends during this freeze. Use grocery delivery. Don’t gather with extended family that hasn’t been in your immediate bubble on Thanksgiving. Work from home if you can and if you can’t, wear your mask correctly AND social distance. I’m doing
 my part... can you do yours? Maybe you don’t agree with what our Governor is doing and I truly feel for small businesses. It’s just... 

Maybe putting a face to the reality will help you take this seriously.....I’d like to always come home to this 👇🏼 My husband and three young kids.
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