Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Flow of a Chemo Round

After 5 rounds down I pretty much have the flow down, although there are always some surprises that can pop up it’s helpful to know what’s coming for the most part.

Tuesday: Chemo Day- exhaustion beyond belief
Wednesday & Thursday- tired but decent (pump removal Thursday)
Friday- Pretty  good
Saturday- Some Saturdays have been eh, a few have been super this round.
Sunday & Monday- The worst days
Tuesday- Can start to feel my body crawling back
Wednesday- Nearly there...
Thursday- A switch flips! I feel human again! 

Then I have Thursday- Tuesday before I start it  all again.

Side Effects?
Bloody nose
Plugged ears
Loss of taste for a few days before of steroid
Inability to sleep
Stuffy nose from steroid
GI issues (enough said)
Cold sensitivity which makes it nearly impossible to stay hydrated until I can drink room temp drinks 
Can’t touch things from fridge or freezer or wash hands with cold water
Dry skin
Thinning hair
Lack of energy 
Dry Mouth
Scar tissue pain
Port pain
That’s all I can think of for the moment.....
Oh yeah- chemo brain!!! ;) 

And now for some cute pictures:


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