Thursday, November 19, 2020

Chemo Birthday

My 37th Birthday was spent in a chemo chair. It’s not exactly where one wants to be on their birthday. It’s also gotten really bad in our area with COVID cases so it’s not like I missed out on a party or fun dinner out. It is what it is. 

I was determined to make it a fun day regardless. I woke up to singing boys and breakfast in bed with ice cold eggnog that I knew I couldn’t drink later (thanks Oxiliplatin). My Mom came to take me to chemo and we stopped for a free birthday drink at Dutch Bros because #tradition! 

I wore an awesome shirt my Mom made that said “Birthday shirt $20, Birthday Chemo- Priceless” and took my floor cupcakes to share!

I spent way longer in the chair than I should have. I arrived at 9:50 and didn’t get home until 6pm. Lots of mix ups and miscommunication and system issues etc etc led to the longest day of my life. 

But I came home to gifts and my Mom brought my requested birthday dinner (taco salads and funfetti cake!) And I had loads of messages and texts to sift through as well as goodies at my doorstep! 

I truly felt so blessed and thankful. I could choose to wallow, but I could also choose to think “My birthday was a day where cancer killing drugs are helping me live, where kind nurses wished me happy birthday and where God was with me despite the circumstances.

Am I always joyful? Nope. Do I get angry and sad? Yep. I will always share those moments because it matters to me to be genuine, but I will also share these moments of joy hidden in the dark because sometimes you have to look hard but it can be found... hope is always right there.
Handmade bookmarks from Jack
Thanks Mom!
Jack made me this
Camden made me this
Christian made me this
If the sock fits!
Flowers from my sweetie with a quote from my favorite show
My caregiver and warrior husband and Dad
Jack made me two special birthday comics and they are AMAZING! 


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