Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Chemo Round 2

Finally home after a LONG day. Was not prepared to be gone all day- lots of delays due to emergencies with another patient (she is stable in ER now) In bed with my pump on for another two days.

My appointment was at 9:50am but I did not get hooked up until 11:15am. While it was a long wait, there was a sweet woman who was struggling with other things and all hands were on deck for her. I did love watching the care and concern and detail with which the department took care of her. I do hope she is okay. 

I also asked for an extra bag of hydration this round because of how hard it was for me to get fluids the first days after chemo due to the cold aversion. That takes longer and I did not realize that. I didn't come prepared with enough nutrition so that is a lesson learned. Pack more food than I think I will need! All in all it went well, although I didn't have a nice view out the window this time. 

Loving my new shirt from my Mom. I think I shall wear it every other Tuesday and then on my LAST chemo day, wear it under a sweatshirt and then bust it open as I run out of the building! 


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