Friday, August 28, 2020

Little Lamb

 Our boys have gone to the same pediatrician since birth- the same one my sister and I went to. I’ve known her for 26 years and not only is she brilliant but she is kind, caring and has made us feel incredibly loved over the years.

I’d given her a heads up over MyChart about what I was going through because the twins had their well-child checkup this week and I wanted her to be aware.
She immediately called me and expressed her love and concern and care. Her nurse that we’ve known for almost as long and who came to my home when our twins were babies to care for them so I could nap and she did my laundry (what?!) also called me.
Today the twins saw her and she told them when she was little her Mom had cancer too, and then her older sister. She understood what it was like for a family. She took them back to a room with a closet filled with cute little stuffed animals and told them to each pick one and get one for Jack. These were to be little comforts for this time period.
And then.... she went into her office and brought out a little black lamb. She handed it to Trevor and said
“This was my sisters. It brought her comfort during her cancer treatments and I hung onto it all these years. It has sat on my desk because I knew one day there would be someone special who I would want to give it to. Please take this to Krystle. We love her and we love you all so much”


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