Monday, October 12, 2020

How we COPE

When you and your caretaker are both working from home (him more than FT and me 30 hours) and you have three kids doing school online (2 different grades) and you’re going through chemo AND continuing to take courses to fulfill ordination requirements DURING freaking COVID.....

You find ways to make your life safer and easier if at all possible.
For us that’s looked like:
Masked up all the time around everyone but my parents. Even outside. Our boys do not push back at all.
Socially distant meetings or hangouts in our backyard with masks.
Nobody coming in our house by my parents.
Shoes off when inside.
Multiple times a day sanitizing high touch places.
I don’t go out often.
Trev does as much from home as he can and he is the one who goes into stores unless we can use Instacart which we do most often.
We bought a HEPA Air Filter (named Scourgify) for our home that does the full Shabang from allergens to dust to smoke.
We purchased a better robot vacuum (Locomotor the Roomba) because that’s one less thing my husband needs to do.
Our boys have chores they do daily that help keep the load off of Trevor and I (mostly)
We have had dozens of meal gift cards sent to us.
We have a meal train.
We don’t have our kids attend every Zoom for school. We just make sure they are doing their work and help them when they need help. Which is a lot right now but hopefully will settle as they adapt.
If I could get a robot lady like the one from The Jetson’s I would do that too.
My Mom takes me to my chemo and picks me up.
My Dad does store runs for us, bbq’s for the boys, basically will do anything we need (like checking to see if our washing machine is dead )
My guys take me to get my pump removed.
We celebrate pump removal with a special drink or some fun treat each time.
We are trying to go to the movies every Monday the night before my chemo with friends.
We never say no to drop-offs of any kind as long as you’re okay with most likely not seeing our faces
This is what it looks like to do what you have to do to get through a really crappy situation.
PS: can you tell I’m a HP fan?


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