Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Chemo Round 1

First they give me Benadryl (for any potential reactions- makes ya hecka sleepy ) and
Dexamethasone which is a steroid that helps make anti-nausea work better. Those two drugs are put directly in my port from syringe.
Then they give me Akynzeo which is the anti-nausea med.
Next up are the Chemo drugs aka Cancer Killers aka Poison. Oxaliplatin and Leucovorin are given together over 2 hours. Once that is done I get another cancer killer drug. It’s the IV form of the chemo pills I took during radiation.
5-FU (FOLFOX) They give me a bolus(15-20min) and then they hook me up to pump and I come home with same drug. It looks like a ball and as it disperses the chemo over the next 48 hours it will shrink down.
I get to wear it in my cute pink fanny pack instead of the ugly black bag they had for me.
Now I sleep.
Pray for minimal side effects. I had minimal effects with radiation and chemo pills so I am just going to keep praying the same way
My amazing Mom was my chauffeur and I came home to 4 gorgeous bouquets of flowers from my 4 handsome guys.
Thank you for your prayers and love and well wishes. When I get disconnected on Thursday we can say “Round 1 done!”


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