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The C Word

I can’t believe I’m typing this but 13 days ago we found out I have cancer. I really really hate that word. I hate that this is my reality and my story right now.   Just so you know, I am not feeling strong or brave. #realrawpastortalk Yesterday we met with my oncologist and set out a plan that spans about 8 months give or take if all goes according to plan. Starting with a Radiation/Chemo combo followed by Chemo.  What makes this harder is stupid COVID   and the fact that our family is going to have to essentially live in a bubble for these 8 months to protect my life in all reality. This is a hard pill to swallow for us all, especially the boys. I know our community that loves us will be able to be creative in how they support us from a safe distance or outside of our windows- but this is just 10x harder because of it  We welcome your prayers and encouragement but ask for you to not tell us your stories or stories of those you know who have gone through this or platitudes or advice e

Screw You Cancer Haircut

  I’m told I won’t lose my hair- it will get just thinner. But I decided I needed a screw you cancer haircut in hopes it would help me feel more in a fighting mood. Thanks to my friend of 20 years Jessica Hawkins at Avae Salon for keeping me safe while also giving me this rocking’ cut for the next season of my life!