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There And Back Again: A Foster Care Tale

Sam: “There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Tale by Bilbo Baggins, and The Lord of the Rings by Frodo Baggins. You finished it” Frodo: “Not quite. There's room for a little more”. Just when you think your adventure is done, there seems to be more… Thirty days after reunification our foster love returned to us. I can’t go into details of course but needless to say a failed reunification brings about more trauma on top of existing trauma. It has not been an easy three weeks in our home. To be blunt our family deeply needed and desired a long break from fostering, and yet we could not live with ourselves if we said no to her right now. So we scrambled to find the things we’d passed along to others- since she came back to us with nothing we’d sent her with- rearranged our schedules and home and started all over, again. It’s not been pretty. It’s been a slow crawl with lots of grief, anger and sadness along the way. We are here out of obedience trusting God to provide the re

Next Steps...

I have had the hardest time writing this blog, not because I am worried about what it says, but because I hope to convey my feelings accurately and while I prefer to write, sometimes things are just better said in person.