Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Sunshine- A Letter to my Foster Daughter on her 3rd Birthday

It's your Birthday today Sunshine. 

You entered this world three whole years ago but I've only known of your existence for four months.

I didn't hold you and smell your newborn self. I know from paperwork they induced your arrival a few days prior to your due date because your cord was around your neck. You were just three whole pounds but full term and perfectly healthy- see my sweet, you've been a fighter since day one.

I didn't see your first steps or hear your first words. I don't know what your first foods were or if you liked to be held facing out or in. Were you swaddled or rocked to sleep? These things I do not know like your Mama does. She knows every part of you in a way I never will and you loves you so very much. I know she wishes she was with you today, that hers was the first face you saw this morning and her voice was the first to whisper you Happy Birthday. I'm sorry you are not with them but we are thankful you are with us. 
The love everyone feels for you is not
less because they are not with you. Love is timeless and has no boundaries or rules.

This is most likely the only Birthday you will spend with our family so I am taking a lot of pictures. I don't want this to be a "missing Birthday" for you. I don't want you to wonder what happened on this day when you are grown. I want you to know how special we made it because you are special to us. 

You were placed here for a reason, you have big important things to do with your life and while we may not be there to witness them all, know we are cheering for you.

There are big moments ahead of you, yet I cannot promise all good days. There will be days where you have to be braver than should be expected and I want you to know that wherever you go, our love goes with you. 

We gabe you the nickname Sunshine on your first day here and today we celebrate with rainbows because those are a symbol of God's promise. There may be stormy days ahead but there is always light and hope to follow. 

Remember that even though you are a fighter and so very strong- there is someone who is fighting on your behalf and will be your strength when you have none.

Happy Birthday Sunshine- I love you

Mommy Krystle 


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