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Willing to be Broken

I have been broken in a thousand ways and yet I keep returning to the thing that breaks me. There is something in this space that is holy and sacred and I'm undone.  I was a resister for so long- why hurt, why sacrifice, why be burdened? Why add more to our full plates, change our family dynamic and enter a system of utter chaos? I'm good here, where I am. Thanks. I'm being challenged, no doubt. I'm giving monthly to sponser kids, I'm going on trips to third world counties for goodness sake. I'm not ignorant to the needs around me. I whispered "I'm willing... you know.... to be used, God." So often those are empty words. They are meaningless because they come with an asterisk. A hidden clause that says, "except for this" Anything but_____ fill in your blank. Maybe it's unknown but it's there because you resist and resist and resist.  It's timing It's space It's finances It&