Monday, March 7, 2016

Month One: Foster Care

We are just over a month into our foster care journey, and just like everyone told's been a whirlwind. The initial phase of shock and scramble to find all we needed to take care of Little Man soon shifted into a new exhaustion and rawness as we battled a double ear infection, cold and his first two teeth. After a short break and the taste of our new normal was settling in, Little Man came down with a horrible case of Hand, Foot and Mouth. We are still in the thick of it.

We're feeling pretty weary, and worn in all honesty. It already is exhausting, but to add to it the weeks upon weeks of sickness to just feels immense. I refuse to paint a picture that isn't accurate so I won't hide the hard stuff, but there is so much good as well.

He's attaching to us, he's learned to clap and learned to find refuge in our arms instead of fighting it. He's quickly outgrowing clothes and will most likely walk sooner than later.
He's eating foods like avocados and blueberries and spinach, I've gotten him on a solid schedule that is consistent and brings comfort in routine for him. He is still waking once a night to eat but we are hoping to phase that out over the next month.

Our boys have adjusted so well, sometimes it's like Little Man has always been here. Even our dog has been incredible. It's still crazy, and we are still trying to figure out best how to make sure and get time with each of them ( and each other for that matter). Hoping once the "Plague of 2016" has lifted from our house we can get a date and set up some respite care for Little Man so we can have some time with just our boys.

We aren't special or amazing, it's not our desire or strength that gets us in these's God's. It's our going "all in" with whatever he has for us that has gotten us here and that's what sustains us.
We very much feel we are just doing what we can, we have a safe home and a loving family...that's all that's needed and so here we are. Do we feel "called" to foster care? No. We feel called to Jesus and this is just one way that plays out.

I have had so many people say "I've wanted to do this but I'm not sure how" or "I've thought about foster care but I just couldn't give them back" or "I want to know more about what you're doing"

Please email me. I would love to answer your questions, point you in the right direction or clear up misunderstandings. I would love to share with you more about what this looks like and if it's a right fit for your family...and if it's not there are dozens of other ways to support those that do this.


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