Friday, February 20, 2015

Get in the Word

Last year I really struggled getting into the Word. I often found myself reading some incredible books and blogs that also had scripture referenced in them and used that as my "scripture reading".

It was a lame excuse and for 2015 my goal was to get back into the Word. I decided to read through the Bible in a year. I had done it before several years ago, and tried again another time, but I can get frustrated if I miss a day and can't mark off the box with a little check and then instead of reading catching up I just say "screw it" and give up.

I found a plan on one of my favorite sites, She Reads Truth. Seriously, I can't say enough about this website. Go dig around and you will fall in love as well. I downloaded the App, signed up for the Read the Bible in a Year Plan, and haven't looked back.

It's pretty incredible because, I have been at it for almost 2 whole months now and there have been some wonderful and timely nuggets from scripture, but more than that there is just nothing like being in the scripture daily to do wonders for your soul.

My outlook is different, I am in step with the Lord and so my decision making is clearer, my day to day is more focused and I don't second guess certain things when I know I've been in regular prayer and reading with Jesus. I know He is rewarding my faithfulness with His faithfulness and that it's not a magic combination I've clicked into, but I can tell that my entire life is different when I'm daily in the word.

The best part about this plan, and all She Reads Truth plans for that matter, is that it's short and to the point. It's exactly what I need in this season of my life and I am thankful for it.

You can sign up to get the current study (right now it follows Lent) delivered daily to your inbox for free, or you can access any one of their past studies (from Esther to Hospitality to Grace and more!) on their website and walk through it solo. They also have a free App which has it's own Bible and Notes section and all the plans are available there too (most have a small fee to keep the App running, but there are a few free ones including the one I'm doing)

The other cool part is that there is a whole community of women walking through these studies together. You can converse with them both on the website and through the app, and by using the hashtag #shereadstruth you can find even more!

There is nothing like being connected with other women who are walking through the same places in the Bible all over the world!

It's not too late to jump in, or pick one that fits your season of life on their website.
I am warning you...if you look at the Shop section and see the prints for sale you WILL drool- GORGEOUS!!

If you have your own study or plan or system you use to dig into the Word, awesome...keep at it! But if you're looking for something new or different check it out.


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