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Moments I Choose to Click. Save. Post

Drinking coffee...catching up on blogs...enjoying the crisp air.  Oh.... I'm also the at bottom of a wrestling match, trying to avoid coffee spilling on my ipad, fending off the puppy and looking at the stains on the carpet.  There are screams and some flying fists. Both statements true. Both good.  It's the perspective that's different.  It's okay to not Instagram the rough parts. It's okay to not post your crappy day. Someday our kids will thumb through these online archives  and I'd rather they see that I chose to capture and savor the good moments. They will see that despite the rough days I chose to find a different perspective. Nobody is silly enough to think there aren't bad days in this life. In parenting or in general. No, I'm not hiding my crazy life from the internets... you're welcome to come over any time to witness it in person.  So no, not every day is picture perfect but if you're breathi