Thursday, October 30, 2014

Moments I Choose to Click. Save. Post

Drinking coffee...catching up on blogs...enjoying the crisp air. 

Oh.... I'm also the at bottom of a wrestling match, trying to avoid coffee spilling on my ipad,

fending off the puppy and looking at the stains on the carpet. 

There are screams and some flying fists.

Both statements true. Both good. 
It's the perspective that's different. 

It's okay to not Instagram the rough parts. It's okay to not post your crappy day.

Someday our kids will thumb through these online archives

 and I'd rather they see that I chose to capture and savor the good moments.

They will see that despite the rough days I chose to find a different perspective.

Nobody is silly enough to think there aren't bad days in this life. In parenting or in general.

No, I'm not hiding my crazy life from the internets...

you're welcome to come over any time to witness it in person. 

So no, not every day is picture perfect but if you're breathing you know that's true.

 So I choose to capture and post the very best parts.

Moms with grown children will tell us 'you will miss those days' when we talk of sleepless nights.

Do you really think they miss the actual feeling of not sleeping, the utter stupid exhaustion

 that comes in those early days?
No. They miss the precious memories that come as a part those days. The soft snuggles in 

the quiet dark. The first grins in the wee hours, the slobbery milk coma face.

They have a different perspective. They don't pretend it wasn't hard....

but I truly believe we filter out that which matters most.

The tough days fade into the background as we move forward in life.
When my boys are grown and they have kids of their own

and they talk of the tough and 

overwhelming parts of raising children,

 they will ask about when they were little

when life was kind of a beautiful circus, 

and I will nod in agreement and then I will tell them how

 on some days I cried at the task before me

 but I chose to capture both in picture and in my

 heart the moments that truly reminded me of what a beautiful life I have. 

Truly the best job ever.