Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Here we are. Kindergarten. I remember Kindergarten quite vividly. I remember making solid friends. Playing guitar on a wooden block, accidentally doing the splits on the linoleum floor, making hand-print Christmas ornaments and being chosen to help the teacher cart them to the kiln.

I remember snack time. And my lovely beautiful teacher Ms. Olsen and her bouncing blonde hair. 

I honestly can't believe Jack is here now. It sounds so silly to say time flies, but it really does. I am excited for him. 

When we felt God moving us in a different direction for schooling this year, it came as a shock to me and honestly it was hard. I didn't want to do it, but then God opened so many doors (frankly some that shouldn't have opened) and we suddenly felt at such peace with this change it was undeniable. We always said, a year at a time and a kid at a time as far as schooling goes and yet we don't want to bounce them around every year, so I think this is what things will look like from here on out, at least until God moves us in another direction, if He does. We are thrilled.

I'm super happy about it.

One of the reasons I'm happy about it is this:

Sometimes God likes to do fun things just because He loves us. 

That's one of my best friends. Jack has her for his teacher this year. Yeah. That's cool


  1. Hey congrats on Jack starting kinder! Crazy how time flies. My little guys just started too. Hope you're doing great!