restless to go

i am restless. ready to travel again. ready to take my canon and capture new colors. new faces. new things.

i never saw myself as someone who wanted to travel just to experience life.

i wished i had always felt this way. i wonder how many more trips i would have taken thus far.

we plan on travelling with our boys a lot. across the country. across the world. we don't want them to think their world is what is immediately around them. we love our country, but it is not all there is.

there is a whole big wide world out there and we want our boys to experience it. to know they are a part of a big planet with different colors and faces and tastes.

some would say travel is a luxury. i would say it's important. i would suggest that plucking you and your family out of it's comfort zone is a must and i would say you should make it a priority.

save. scrape. pinch. tighten. sacrifice elsewhere and make it happen.

tsh talks a lot about this in her book, Notes From a Blue Bike which I just finished. i so appreciated her perspective on it all, including the money parts.

there was much more to the book than traveling with your kids- so go pick it up if your heart longs for living simpler.

i have a passport. it's been stamped once. i am ready for another.


  1. This resonates so much for me. I am also restless. I've loved traveling, love road trips, love exploring. It's deep in my heart, this longing. This claustrophobic feeling when in one place for too long. And yet I've had to wrestle with being content in this season where allocating income to travel *is a luxury; when income is unsteady and unpredictable and when the choice between making sure basic needs are met and setting aside money for fun travel - is real. And not fun. But it is OK ... setting aside wants and learning to really drill down and choose gratitude ... where I believe God has me right now. And I can't wait til that changes, til our season changes up and we can explore and taste and see and experience! !!

  2. I could not agree more !! I am obsessed with traveling and experiencing new cultures and adventures and want my children to do the same. I've been wanting to read Tsh's book... I think I need to order it on amazon now ... I keep hearing great things about it!


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