Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stuff that Matters: If we are a Jesus People

I'm pretty fired up. Not as much as I was last night, or even this morning on my run...maybe it's a good thing I haven't had time to write until now. It's a little more filtered. Right now I'm talking those of you who call yourself a Jesus people. Those of you who believe in Jesus and call Him your God. I'm gonna set you down for a cup of coffee and talk real honest with you because I'm a Jesus people too. So just listen. I'm talking to myself too.

I'm sitting next to her on the couch and she's sobbing. The pain and the hurt and the brokenness hangs thick in my living room and I pray with each word I speak it's filtered with God's unconditional love that harbors no judgement and no boundaries.

I see a hard-working, smart and beautiful person who made a mistake. But it's raw and it's real and it doesn't pull punches.

This is real life. We say we know people are hurting, but unless you are staring that hurt smack in the face and you feel the weight of it on your own can't know.

Real people are hurting. Real people are dying inside and some people are more concerned with what songs are sung on Sunday morning or if the volume wasn't to their liking or if the pastor wore jeans.

People are aching and suffering and they are standing next you in line at the grocery store. They are passing you in the hallway of the movie theater and inside they are a broken mess. This is the stuff that matters!

Some people are more concerned with the coffee cart in the lobby at church while other people are complaining about what the stage looks like and that stuff just doesn't matter.

Stuff that matters? People. People who need people who care. They need people in their lives that love them through the mess and the heartache and the pain and the brokenness. If we are a Jesus people then we have to get our hands dirty like He did. We can't assess the broken situation from the sidelines.

This is not a situation for someone else. We are all called to this- for some it looks like sitting in a hospital room where the air hangs heavy with the unknown and you don't want to speak what you believe everyone knows...that time is short and people are hurting and yes God is good but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

If we are a Jesus people we have to stop caring about stuff that doesn't matter and start caring about the stuff that does.

We have got to realize that this life is not about us.
We have to take that into every area of our lives.
We have to take that to church with us, to our kids school, to the ball field and to the grocery store.

This matters. It matters. These are lives. Real people hurting and suffering and it's not pretty. And you may walk through the thick of it with them and be disappointed. You may lay it all down and they may choose to walk away but you job isn't to save them. It's to love them.

We have to be okay with that. We must be okay with loving people into the darkest places and being okay if we never see them come out

. But we must love, if we are a Jesus people.


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