Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I never cease to be amazed at how God sews the threads of our lives together with others. How we are all connected in this crazy beautiful mess and how it's all for His glory.

Soon after we recognized that God has opened our hearts to adopting we received an email about a newborn baby girl in our area. Her name was Sarah and her biological Mother was going to put her up for adoption and they were hopeful to find a local family that would love and honor this sweet baby and be a perfect fit.

We looked at each other and thought, "All ready!?"

We began praying and asked for some more information. We received another email and then we made a phone call. We were able to get much more information and decided to alert our family and close friends, asking them to be in prayer for us as we sought God's direction in this. We asked for prayer for Sarah, for protection and safety as well as for her future family- whether it was us or not.

We had another phone call soon after and through prayers and continuing to hear more we both felt that we were not to move forward with this little one. We continued to pray for her and for her future forever home, wherever that may be.

Not too much time went by and a friend texted me to tell me that her dear friend and her husband who had been waiting years for a baby had a possible adoption in the works and asked for prayer. She was beyond excited but also fearful for her friend, that something would fall through. After a few texts I realized this could be the same baby and so I asked...and it was!!

 I couldn't believe it! This baby girl was possibly going to be adopted by someone I sort of knew and KNEW they had desired a child for so long.

I was so excited to share with Trevor and our family and friends who had been praying, and asked them to continue praying. I got the contact info for this friend of mine's and told her about how we knew of this baby girl and how crazy it all was, how we had prayed for her and for her future Mom and Dad and the whole thing.....with tears in my eyes!
 From then on I was able to stay in the loop and follow their story.

Adoption is a beautiful thing, but it is also broken. There is heartache in the best adoptions, there is always a loss for there to be a gain. The bio family, the adoptive family, the much of God's redemptive story is seen in the adoption story.

Today, after a year and a half of hoop jumping and paper filing and waiting and court dates and meetings....little Miss (now Gracie) is officially and legally the sweet daughter of my friend Cheyenne and her husband Ryan!

How God wove our threads with Gracie's, to pray for her and her future family that we would actually astounds me. I wrote to Gracie, my perspective and how I am so thankful God allowed me to be a part of her story in the smallest way. I look forward to watching her grow up into the person God has created her to be and I am beyond thrilled for Cheyenne and Ryan. Gracie, so prayed for, so longed for and so loved.

You never know how God will use you, most times you will never see the other end of a prayer. Sometimes you get blessed and you watch it unfold. Be faithful with what God puts in front of you.


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