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Personality Types

On this journey into figuring out what makes me tick, what I'm passionate about, created to do, built for...I've learned a lot about my personality. I'm not one to think everyone fits in a box perfectly but it is clear to me that personality types are legit and if you know what gets you pumped and where you excel and what gets you stressing it can help you a ton!

I think everyone should have their stressors written across their shirt so that when they get spinning people can identity why and how that happened. It would probably solve a lot of problems :)

For instance, in the well respected and used Briggs Myers test, I am an ENFP.

Here is what that looks like

My husband on the other hand is an INFJ (also the most uncommon one).....

Notice how his strengths are what stresses me out? On one hand I figure I cause him a lot of angst haha, on the other hand we balance each other out really well (apparently our match-up of personalities is the best for both of us)

One of my best friends is very opposite of me, in fact this is a good representation:

Man, I'm glad she puts up with me! Knowing this helps me see things from her point of view, helps me understand where she is coming from etc.

I recommend doing this in your relationships for sure, especially if you are married.

I used to think I just sucked. I couldn't stick at something for very long- be it in ministry at church or something else, I just got bored and was done. I really thought I was just lame.

Turns out, it's a strength. I'm a "fire-starter". I can get you excited, I can get ideas up and running and gather people around and cheer you on and it's AWESOME. But then when it comes to managing it, and all those details.....I'm out. I can't do it, that is what burns me out and gets me stressing.

Finding this out has really started to change my perspective and I realize that I must always team up with someone who thrives when they are managing details and organizational aspects of things, otherwise I will crumble and die. I always need to find the balance for what my endeavor is.

That's so good for me to know, but also a challenge because I like to be in charge and I don't like to be micro-managed, so I must find someone I can trust and who gets me.

This also helps when you also take your Enneagram and Strengths Finder- put them all together and BAM- you have yourself a very good idea at what you SHOULD be doing. It's good to know our strengths and weaknesses, not only so we understand how we process things but so that we can challenge ourselves to work on those weaknesses and be aware of them.

Here are a few links for the shortened version of the Myers Briggs Test

-Personality Pathways- (way simple, might not nail it but could give you a good idea)

-16 Personalities- (this one does a great job)

-Humanetrics- (my favorite)


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