Saturday, May 10, 2014

For those with empty arms and aching hearts

I am thinking of you today, you who long to be called Mommy. A day like Mother's Day feels like a cruel finger pointing in your face- lying to you that you don't yet matter.

Maybe you've tried for years, or maybe just a month. Maybe you've lost a precious one or maybe you know you never will hold your own.

We don't celebrate our Mother's and each other to rub it in to you, but I know maybe it feels that way. Maybe you avoid social media and church this weekend fearful of the posts, the noodle necklaces from kids being worn and the sermons about just Mom's. 

Maybe you read online that your friend "can't catch a break for 5 minutes without hearing Mommy screamed ten times" and you long to hear it said just once. 

Maybe people keep asking you and your husband "Well, when are you going to have kids?" and you smile and nod and your husband squeezes your hand tight and they don't know you've tried for years but it doesn't matter....

Yesterday I was in the bathroom for two minutes and the 'Mommy!!' didn't stop...and I cringed but then remembered that sweet Mama who just lost her only son on Friday in a freak accident and how she would give anything to hear the nagging behind her bathroom door.

You see Mom's complain online about never getting a break, the sick kids that need full attention, the crazy and long days and all you long is for all of that. You know we take it for granted and you quietly ache as we forget what it was like when we too longed for a little one.

You're not forgotten here.
 You matter.
 He knows your desires, the aches in your belly and in your arms.
 I see you. I am thinking of you today
. You matter. You are precious and not alone.


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