Friday, April 25, 2014

Education: Holy Hot Topic

I have written and deleted this post so many times, now it's time to just hit publish.

There are few things these days that get people more riled up than Education. Just take a look at your own Facebook feed and I'm sure you know what I mean.

People get downright passionate and sometimes pretty rude about it (in a passive-aggressive "just sayin" sort of way)

Here are my two cents, because I know you realllllly care right?

Education is important. We here in the First world take it for granted. We have multiple choices in how we educate our children, where as in the rest of the world kids are lucky to even learn how to read.

Education matters. Education is crucial and it's a gift.

I don't think there is a right way to do it.

There are some incredibly awful public schools, with awful teachers and mean kids.

There are some amazing public schools with amazing teachers, and some awful ones and some nice kids and some mean kids.

There are also some really amazing private Christian schools, with some amazing teachers, and some awful ones too. These private Christian schools have some pretty awful kids too.

There are also some pretty lame private Christian schools with both amazing and awful teachers too.

There are also some homeschooling parents who suck at it.
 And there are some amazing homeschooling parents with kids who are awful.

There are also some amazing homeschooling parents with amazing kids.

My point is.... you have crappy teachers and kids and parents everywhere you look.

Right now, our oldest is at the private Christian school I went to. My husband and I have prayed from early on that He would help us make the right choice for our children regarding their education.
We decided we would always take it year by year.

For now, this is where we are.
We are in a pretty sucky public school district, so for us that isn't an option in our current house.

We may end up sending him to public school at some point, who knows some of our kids may be in public, some in private and some home schooled.

I think you need to know your kids. You need to be involved. Know their teachers, the parents, how your kid learns and functions and then make a prayerful decision.

You may be dead set on homeschooling and it just isn't right for your kid. I know I'll offend someone when I say, it isn't right for every kid.

There are a multitude of reasons I don't want to home school, but if God wants me to, I will.
I get scared when I think of sending my precious boys to a school where there are young kids saying and doing things they should have no concept of.
I went to private Christian school, I know the kids there aren't all nice and quiet little church kids- of course I worry about that too.

They are my kids. I worry about them regardless. I won't bubble wrap them though.

What I will do, is trust. I will trust in God who has given me these precious kids to raise and that includes where they learn. I will be engaged and I will pray and then I will trust.

I'm so tired of the arguments for and against all these types of education.
I'm tired of hearing "if I really loved my kids I would home school argument."
I'm tired of hearing I'm "sheltering my kids by sending them to a Christian school argument."

I'm thankful we have a choice in how to educate our kids, and that worrying about how they will learn is on my brain and not "How will I feed my kids tonight?" or "Will my child ever learn to read?"

So there ya have it. Go and educate your kids- however thou wantest.


  1. yeah! Great post! I totally agree with all of this, and I have always thought I could have one child homeschooled, one at Grace, and one in public school! Each child is SO different, and I can already tell Sophie will probably have a very different learning style then Alexis. (And may be more of her class!)