Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beautiful Things: A tangible way to make a difference

I am gearing up to start training for my next Half-Marathon. I knew as soon as I finished the last one, I would go again. This time I will be running the Eugene Half! I was born in Eugene and spent the first almost 9 years of my life there, and I love the thought of doing this there!

Today I was running the Shamrock 5 mile race with my Dad and had this idea to make my Half-Marathon a fundraiser. That I would pick something to run for, and raise money for it and then donate that money to whatever I had picked.

All day I had thoughts running through my head but nothing felt right.

Last night one of my dear friend's son was in a horrible car accident.

 Jakob was ejected from the car and has extensive injuries. He should not be alive, but he is. He has made it through his first major surgery and will endure more in the coming days.  His precious girlfriend, Rachel, was also in the car in and addition to broken pelvis and some vertebrae fractures, she was carrying precious cargo....their sweet unborn son Jeremy did not survive the crash. To add to the devastation of losing their son, her dog Ruben also did not survive.

It is devastating and while we praise God for keeping them both alive when they should not have survived, we grieve the loss of this little one. We know in the coming months there will be massive medical bills as they both will not be working and will both need rehab and many other medical related things. Jake has had one surgery and will need additional surgeries on multiple injuries.

When I heard tonight that there would be accounts set up for each of them to help offset the expense of the months to come, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is what I would be running for. That these two would be who I raised money for. 

Can we link arms together and support these two? Can we tangibly show them we love them? You don't have to know them to love them. Let's BE love.

A few suggestions for donations!

Half -Crazy:
Donate a flat amount of $13.10. I'm running 13.1 miles on July 27th and so you can donate that amount!

Double or nothing:
Double what I'm running and donate a flat amount of $26.20!

Put Your Name On It:
Donate $100 or more and get your name put on the back of my race shirt!

Of course, any amount is helpful and you can donate whatever works for you, these are just a few suggestions. 

If you would like to bless Jakob and Rachel, PLEASE CLICK HERE to be taken to a secure website where you can donate the specific amount!


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