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That one time I said NEVER but God wanted more

Part of this Restless Project is going back through your life and plucking moments out. Plucking out the moments you felt the most proud and satisfied and plucking out the moments you suffered . To take it a step further, you have to describe how you felt at each of those moments. The proud and satisfying moments were fun and brought back good and warm feelings. The moments you remember suffering were not so fun. Taking pause to reflect on why you felt the way you did and describing those moments (that forever shape you) is painful. It's not fun and it's hard and I'd rather just forget. It's important though, to do this because it really is evident how those moments and those feelings play into your passions and gifting later on. One of the most painful parts of my life, was during my younger years in church- specifically youth group (Junior High on up) I'm not going to dive into all of it, but suffice it to say I was hurt by people in the church (side note.

Live Life Palms Down

Live life palms down. Sounds weird right? By living palms down, I'm relinquishing my rights to everything. Nothing I am or have is mine. It is all for Him.  I force myself to not hold tight to things I want or need. I simply trust in a God who has told me He alone supplies my every thought, need or desire.  By living palms down- I become a funnel of His grace. His blessings flow down and off my hands into the lives of others and I don't attempt to grab them and never let go.  Palms down.

Restless Project: My review and why you need to grab this book

Do You Feel Like You're Missing Something? What if this feeling wasn't a bad thing? It could be a longing for more of God and a catalyst to living the life that was designed before the foundations of the earth were laid. A lot of us, if we're honest, are afraid. We hold our dreams close to our chest. But our passions have a purpose--they were engineered for God's greater plan and he intends for us to use them for his glory and purposes. In "Restless," Bible teacher and fellow struggler Jennie Allen explores practical ways to identify the threads of your life and how to intentionally weave them together. She explains how your gifts, passions, places, and relationships aren't random; they're deliberate and meaningful. And your suffering--it's possible it has produced the very thing you want to give back to the world. Using the story of Joseph, the dreamer, Jennie explains how his suffering, gifts, relationships--all of the threads of his life--fit in

Beautiful Things: A tangible way to make a difference

I am gearing up to start training for my next Half-Marathon. I knew as soon as I finished the last one, I would go again. This time I will be running the Eugene Half! I was born in Eugene and spent the first almost 9 years of my life there, and I love the thought of doing this there! Today I was running the Shamrock 5 mile race with my Dad and had this idea to make my Half-Marathon a fundraiser. That I would pick something to run for, and raise money for it and then donate that money to whatever I had picked. All day I had thoughts running through my head but nothing felt right. Last night one of my dear friend's son was in a horrible car accident.

Going to a Park: A Defining Moment

There are a few things that are just flat out harder with twins. Okay, well most things are. It's just different. I don't expect everyone to understand, you really can't. Just know that "close in age" and "irish twins" and all that just doesn't even come close to actual twins. It just doesn't. Come spend a week with me and you will see. That said, parks have been the opposite of fun for us. I have not been able to take them all to the park alone because 1) All three would go in different directions 2) They had no sense of danger, as in they would walk off the top of a high ledge without batting an eye 3) All three would go in different directions 4) Leaving the park was a nightmare because physically gathering up the screaming because they don't want to leave little people was near impossible 5) One would want to swing while the other wanted to climb and slide and the other would want to run the other way It was just not fun.

Let's Talk About Dating Your Spouse

I saw something on Facebook the other day that made my heart sad. PopSugar had asked on Facebook "When was the last time you had a date night". What followed was a majority of Moms saying things like  "What is 'date night'?" and  "Six years ago, before my oldest was born"  and "I can't remember". Hundreds of comments. It made me so sad. You need to date your spouse. Now, this might not look like a weekly trip to the movies with dinner, but you need to date no matter how unconventional it looks. I understand that some people have no extra money, and some people don't have anyone who can watch their kids for free. I still believe there is a way to date your spouse even without those luxuries. Often it's just adjusting priorities to make the room. We are busy people. Our kids (if we let them) take over things and at the end of the day we are tired. You must connect with your spouse, you must take time to loo

What Cleaning My Carpets Taught Me About Grace

I borrowed my sister's carpet cleaner a few weeks back. We have lighter colored carpet (not our choice obviously) and after a winter of boys and a puppy I could tell it was getting bad. We vacuum a lot, and spot clean. In fact, we have subsisted on this method for awhile and it had been fine, until it was obvious it wasn't. So I deep cleaned them. This is the nasty that I got. This came up after one use in our living room. This is just so disgusting, it's embarrassing. It didn't look that gross at first glace, it was hidden down deep and it took more than a vacuum and spot clean to get it up. I learned my lesson, don't wait so long before you clean the carpets again! As I looked at this bowl of nasty water, I realized how similar I can be. I am really good at getting by, and doing what I need to do to function. I feel I do pretty good with some praying, some scripture and some time in worship. I don't feel I have any deep seeded dirt. I mean, I

End of a Blogging Era

So ends the 3 Little Men and a Mommy era. Not in reality, but in blog world. My domain was set to renew and I had the hardest time getting it paid up for another thanks to you Google. And just like that it was gone. I decided to just start fresh with a new domain and new blog. All the stuff is still here, nothing else has changed. You'll want to re-follow me on Bloglovin or subscribe via email over there on the sidebar. It's just bare bones here. Nothing fancy. Just my words, my pictures, my story. I came up with the blog title when I was thinking about what I wanted this spot to represent. We have three boys...wild. We are in full time ministry...a different kind of wild...and taking a line from Sir Francis Drake's poem.... Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly, to venture on wider seas Where storms will show your mastery; Where losing sight of land, we shall find the stars. We ask You to push back the horizons of our hopes; And to push into the futur