The Haven Mentoring Project

I have dreams of a home for young moms, not quite ready to be on their own yet...but not quite needing 24/7 monitoring.

I have dreams of a coffee shop, where the employees are teen moms, working to gain experience and earning an income in a fun environment. 
Child care would be free for them.
They could study there.
They could eventually take classes of some type there.

I can't do it all right now. 
It will take time, networking, fundraising and time.

But I can do something.

I spoke at what's called Fight Night, this past Monday.
I shared my story, about how God has called me outside my comfort zone and is teaching me how to LOVE like HE loves and not how others love.

I shared about how He has called each of us to live an audacious love and that each of us have gifting and talents we can use.

I shared about how at first I was worried this "itchy" feeling inside to do more meant that I wasn't content being home with my boys.
That people would judge me for wanting to do more.

I shared about how it's not about filling up our calendar, it's about doing what He has called us to do and letting the rest go.

I shared how he called me to start this mentoring program for teen moms and how I still have no idea what I'm doing, but He does so it's okay.

The Haven Mentoring Project is working with our local home for pregnant and parenting teen moms who have no other place to be.
We will provide mentors for these teen girls and their children to provide encouragement, support and love while they navigate life as a teenager and as a mom.

I am beyond excited about what God is going to do with this, and I know that as time goes on more dreams will come and more will be fulfilled but right now...this is where it's at.


  1. Krystle, how would one go about becoming a mentor?

  2. Krystle, how would one go about becoming a mentor?


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