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Letting Loose to Burn it Up

Last year at this time I had just landed in Haiti. First time leaving my kiddos for more than a night, first time being away from my husband for more than a few days and first time in a third world country. I met up with a group of ladies I had never met before (which is nerve-wracking enough because...well, women.) I wasn't scared, I wasn't nervous.  I was hungry. Hungry to see what was out there. Hungry to meet Jesus in the dirty places, the forgotten places, the looked-over places. I had jumped, I had done something that financially didn't make sense but God provided. I had done something I said I was scared to do, for selfish reasons alone. What happened was friendships formed that will last forever, an awakening to what really can work and be done in these places where the hope seems to hard to come by and a realization that truly I must be about Him in all things. I had told whatever you want. Use me, use us however you please.  This trip was a