One Word 2013 Recap

The last few years I've chose a "One Word"

Instead of making a resolution for the year, choosing instead to focus on a word that can encompass your daily life and challenge you in many areas throughout the year.

In 2012, my word was JOY. 
After reading Ann's book One Thousand Gifts, I was challenged to seek JOY in the mundane, in the daily tasks, in the hard stuff and in the fun stuff.  My friend made a beautiful wooden JOY sign and it has a prominent place in our home to this day, reminding us to be JOY and to live JOY.

In 2013 my word was CHANGE.
It was a word that scared me, and yet I decided to embrace it, all aspects of it. 
Change in my heart, my thinking and our lives.
Little did I know that soon after choosing that word, our lives would begin changing in many ways, the biggie being with Trev's job and our church 
(when your Senior Pastor up and leaves things get hairy for those on staff) 
I talked about embracing change, the painful change and the exciting change. 
I think my friends blame me for how much change happened in 2013 and I was asked to have "the council" review my word for 2014 ha!

So, what to pick for 2014???

In 2014 my word will be RHYTHM. 

It's no secret life in the ministry is a little bit unsure and a little bit nuts. 
It's also no secret we have three small boys, two of which are twins and a puppy. 
These things can make life a tad chaotic and a little like I'm grasping for breath at any moment.
Something I want to work on this year is creating a RHYTHM.
A RHYTHM in our home, in my life and seeking RHYTHM and consistency where I can to not only help create discipline in my own life, but create a home where there is an ebb and flow.

It's a challenge for me because I'm tired, I am impatient and I'm totally clueless when it comes to these twin almost 3 year olds. 
I'm challenging myself to be purposeful and consistent. 

The council seems to feel it's safe to pick this word, so I'm going with it.

I challenge you to pick a word, something that stretches you a bit in all areas of life and embrace it throughout the year. And write about it. Blog, Journal, Tweet...whatever makes you happy. Don't just let it be for naught. 

You can link up starting in 2014 in a multitude of places, here are a few:

(Melanie also has a free template to use for your own One Word!)

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  1. What I love about this is that JOY and CHANGE are words I would so associate with you! I'd say this one word concept is really working for you; maybe I'll try it too! I cannot wait to see how RHYTHM will flourish in your life! Love you and am so grateful these things can allow us to connect even on different coasts! <3


  2. I think my word for 2014 is contentment. Going to have to work on that one!!! :)

  3. I really like your post! It inspired me! My word for 2014 is Peace. The hubby & I have been talking about this upcoming new year & I think this totally encompasses what we want for our family this year. Thanks again & Happy New Year!

  4. I love the idea of choosing one word, but the I can't just choose one, that would be so difficult. I can't wait to see what word you choose for 2014. I think my word would be faithful. I want to be found faithful in the big and the small.

  5. Love this post! :)
    I think my word for this year would be "APPRECIATE"


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