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And then I turned 30: Thoughts on Trust

30 I didn't freak out about turning 30, it's just that my mind can't wrap itself around that number. I feel 25, 30 sounds old. Sorry, but it does.  I don't feel old....most days. And then there are the days I look in the mirror and I see what life looks like on my face. The being in full time ministry for 10 years The three kids under three we had The miscarriage The NICU The family crises The unknown My face may look older, and more worn....but my heart, that feels like it's been made brand new through all of the sharpening, the pruning, the weeding.  I feel as if life is really just getting started. God is doing a new thing in my life, in our lives and there is stirring, a calling to do greater things for His name. The things that mattered before, just don't. The things that were on the sidelines become forefront.  I've mentioned before we've been in this time of transition, of wait.  We are heading into a time of change and growth with a new pastor co

Family Pictures 2013

I swapped pics with another photographer this past weekend. We used each others camera, and I edited mine and she will edit hers. Perfecto. And free. :) I love this location, the colors, my guys.  Jack Camden Christian No fakin this...this is the real deal people. Love.  He's kinda my favorite