Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Portland Marathon Weekend!

Three years ago my husband ran his first marathon. 
It was in Portland, Oregon and it was soaking wet. 
A downpour to rival all downpours the entire time.

It never rains on marathon weekend. 
Except that year, and his first year ever.

He and our friend Shawn trained and ran together.
Miserable and soaking wet and did awesome.

This past weekend, they did it again along with Shawn's wife Amy, one of my close friends.

It was sunny and perfect and they all rocked it.

Last time I was 19 weeks pregnant with the twins and we brought Jack along (stupid stupid stupid)
This time we all left our kids in the hands of our families and reveled in the weekend together!

Amy ran all of my long runs with me, which nicely enough were about half the distance of her long runs so I would join her on the second half and we'd both get them in!
She ran my half with me two weeks ago as her training run.

She totally rocked the marathon. I'm so proud of her! She trained hard and followed the plan!

The guys both had personal bests, with Trevor knocking 50 minutes off his time! 

I loved coming along for the ride, cheering them on along with the hundreds of other runners and snapping pics!

Good food, good friends, good times.
So proud of them.

And nope...doesn't make me want to run a marathon :)

PS: That's 26.2 miles. 

I didn't run the marathon, but I had a pretty awesome moment'll have to read that tomorrow :)


The finishers!! Trev, Amy, Shawn


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