Meeting Ann

So, we were in Portland for marathon weekend, and I was happy to be the cheering person 
( I can't bring myself to say cheerleader, sorry cheer friends I still love you)

I did however, have a pretty awesome moment myself.

We were out to dinner in Portland at a fabulous restaurant when I spotted across the room 
Ann Voskamp.
You should know who she is but if you don't, she's the author of One Thousand Gifts and the blog
A Holy Experience. Her book was the first I read that completely changed my outlook on life and really started the transformation personally and spiritually over the next two years. I've written about it here and here
Her blogs have brought me to tears on numerous occasions. Even if you haven't read her book, her blog is worth following. 

Anyhoo, I spotted her and after some nudging I headed out with Amy to meet her.

We shook hands, chatted about why we were in Portland (she was there for Women of Faith that day) and I shared with her how much her words had meant to me. We took at picture and I said, "You were in Haiti when I was there, I prayed I'd run into you!"
Amy, Ann and I

She couldn't believe it, and when I told her I was there with Trades of Hope and meeting with our artisans at The Apparent Project, she wanted to know more.

I went inside for a card, came back out with my information and my favorite AP Bracelet from Haiti that I had worn.
She took them both and asked, "Do you want to go back to Haiti?"

"Yes" I said, "I've been trying to figure out how to get back ever since I left....there's something about that place."

She got teary, grabbed my hand and said, "You and me both sister...does this card have your info on it? I'd like to stay in touch...because Haiti...."

Another hug and well wishes and that was it.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shaky for the whole next hour. 

I can name a handful of people I would have wanted to meet in my life, to tell them thank you for their words and the impact they had without even knowing it. She was one of them.

Had I met her at a conference or book signing, it would not have been like that. Such a blessing.
My friend Christie who went to Haiti with me texted later and said, "See, God answered your prayer, just on a different time table"

And I thought...isn't that just like Him?
It felt like a big bear hug. 


  1. That is so awesome Krystle! I just saw here a few weeks ago at the Women of Faith Conference here in California. She is such an inspiring writer and person. What a great connection you made!

  2. That is so awesome. I saw your picture on twitter. Did you know she just wrote a Chrisrmas devotional?? It looks super good!


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