Friday, September 13, 2013

Goodbye Summer

My poor neglected blog.

I don't feel so bad about it....we've been busy doing life.

I've often thought about getting paid to blog, or doing it as a side job. I realized that I wouldn't like it after awhile. The pressure to have to produce something, instead of it organically coming together.

The pressure of a weekly link-up and time spent in that.

I decided to write when I wanted and when it was inspired and post pictures when I could and let it be. And I like that.

School has started, we are settling into a new routine which I love and as fall (my favorite ever) fast approaches I am excited for what it holds. We are still without a lead pastor, still wondering what is next for our little family....but still moving forward in faith. Even if it is unseen by others.

And now, a photo dump for ya'll.


  1. Your Jack is just gorgeous! Love him!

    And I agree about blogging. It's fun to be inspired and blog it organically.