Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Seeing Green

If you know Jack, you know green is his favorite color.

His eyes are green because God knew it was his favorite color, or so says Jack.

Kids from his class and tell their parents when they see green
"Hey, Mom...did you know green is Jack's favorite color?"

His teachers are well trained.
Shoot, he has everyone trained.

So, naturally we had a green party.
We went low key this year, just cake and family and a few close friends Jack asked for.
Going anti-Pinterest party over here.
(except the awesome cake my Mom made and Jack decorated)

We asked for no toys, and it was lovely. 

A lovely day celebrating this little man.

Love those paper straws from Crate and Barrel 

Always a comedian

Camden enjoyed a day of fun

With Auntie and Uncle

Auntie and Christian

Daddy and Jack 

Jack decorated the cake made by my Mom

Nephew Miles with Trevor

Cousin Zoi and Jack are BFF's

The Arnold Clan

Curt aka Grandpa in Training 

Yay for books!

Aunt Jami and Cousin Miles

With Papa and Ina (Trev's parents)

New bike from Nama and Capa!

Thanks Capa!

Sigh. He's 5

Silly boy

The aftermath

Josiah says Cheese!

Adorable Abby


  1. What a beautiful family! Happy 5th Birthday, Jack! Happy 5 years of being a great momma to this little one!