Mamas, Bloggers and Babies

I am leaving this morning with the twins and heading to Sunriver to meet up with two amazing women, Mama and bloggers!

My longtime friend Megan from The Boho Mama and I connected via the internet with Adriel (she changed her blog name recently but when I stalked her it was called Mommyhood Memos)
Adriel is originally from Bend, Oregon but has been living in Australia with her hubby and two little boys for over 10 years working with YWAM and rural Papua New Guinea.

Adriel is the mastermind behind Bloggers for Birth Kits and Project Baby Bilum, as well as the Sunshine Project...and Meg is the mastermind behind the Umi Sling. 
You need to click those links and read up on it!

She is visiting with her littles and invited Megan and I to meet up with her and our kiddos for a few nights.

Jack gets to stay home to hang with just Daddy and I get time with the twins.

I've never gone solo with the boys for a trip, or anything before...but I am excited and it's going to be crazy and fun!


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