Adoption Update

Hey friends.

Not a lot to update, but wanted to keep ya in the loop!

We are continuing to use Just Love Coffee to raise money. 
Super easy. 
You buy coffee and we get a good chunk of the money.
This will be ongoing...and the coffee is really really good.

We will be doing a garage sale this summer, so if any of you local peeps have awesome junk to donate, let me know and we will take it!

When we knew we would adopt we knew we had to be open to anything.
Because nothing looks the same at the end of adoption as when you started.

We have decided to take the courses to be able to adopt through the State.
Since our parameters are pretty small (in wanting to keep birth order and not taking significant special needs) it could be awhile before that happened. 
We will take the classes in September and then go from there. 

We have also let the local Pregnancy Resource Center and other individuals related to pregnant mom's know we are open to private adoption.

The bottom line remains.
We feel very complete with our boys.
We are not desperate for another baby or a girl.
This isn't about that, because we could have many more of our own children if that was the case. 

We feel called to give a home to a child (or two) who legitimately needs one.
We have the means and the call to do so.
Whether international, private or through the State....
We are just walking where we have been called. 

So that's where we are!

We have about $550 raised so far!

Thank you for your continued love and support!


  1. thanks for the update!! it is crazy how twisty and turny the adoption road can be!! I'm excited to continue to watch this story unfold for your sweet family:)!

  2. I think the waiting phase that the Lord often puts us in is so exciting yet nerve wracking. I am looking forward to seeing how He moves and directs your family!


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