Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On Being a Mama

I never pictured myself as a boy Mom. Mostly because I had a little sister who was almost 9 years younger than me aka my very own baby doll. From the moment she was born I doted on her. She didn't get to choose her own outfits until she was like 8 and I often dolled her up and posed her for pictures. I mean, wouldn't you?

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Wine Making and Jesus

I did a Trades of Hope party last week, at a winery here in Southern Oregon. Our region has vineyards popping up everywhere lately and we have been put on the map as a top place to grow and make wine, and more specifically Pinot Noir. 

 In fact, WineMaker Magazine stated “Oregon has become the hottest location in the New World for Pinot Noir. Several French winegrowers have purchased land in Oregon; they are planting Pinot and making the wine there. As the vines have matured and Oregon’s vintners have honed their techniques, their Pinot Noir wines have earned international acclaim.”  

After the party, my Mom and I went into the tasting room and chatted with the owner and vintner (or winemaker) himself to hear his story. I admit, I don’t know much about wine, but after talking for a while with this winemaker, the process fascinated me and my mind began to draw so many parallels between wine making  and us and our Maker.

Pinot noir is described again in WineMaker Magazine like this "When talking to winemakers about Pinot Noir, the conversation quickly becomes a love-hate thing. Pinot Noir does that to people; it makes them emotional. The grape is difficult to grow and the wine is even tougher to make. But when it is good, it is memorable."

It’s a tough and cantankerous sort and requires gently handling and a persistent farmer. The fruit has thin skin and is prone to disease and rot.

The vintner of this winery talked about how each of his vines is hand tied. That is partly why Pinot is more expensive. Hand tying is gentle and thoughtful and involves much labor. He wakes at dawn and doesn't rest until after dark. A labor of love he described.

I thought of those who follow Christ, of me.  

I thought about how we have this skilled farmer who tends to us. Ever so gently, he guides us through our days. We are a blessed people to have someone who knows us. Who really knows what we need. He knows us better than we know ourselves and handles us with such grace and mercy that is undeserving. 
He is not a flippant farmer who is inattentive to our needs. He carefully watches over his vineyard, his plants and is ever present.  His hands are ever on our lives, and He cares for each one of us individually.
I thought of how when God’s people are living as we are called to live…like Jesus, we are memorable. When we set aside our agenda and we take Christ at his word and live for him and him alone, people cannot help but look and see and ask to know more.

Unfortunately more often than not, we place our agendas and our desires before the Jesusscripture talks about. We have modernized and Americanized the Bible so that it fits within what we desire. We have made it about doctrine and pre-destination and programs instead of about serving the least of these.
 We have made it about “ministries” and classes and studies , feeding ourselves instead of feeding others. We've protested and drawn lines and been so loud about what we are againstthat sometimes people don’t know what we are for
We've stopped loving and serving and giving and we've been taking and taking and taking. And that has made people second guess us, and leave us with a bitter taste in their mouths.
We are either capturing people’s attention for the sake of HIM or we are not. We are either memorable or we are discarded. We are either loved or hated.

Unlike the fruit that grows in the ground at a vineyard, we have a choice.
We have this Maker. He tends to us and is a part of our daily lives and we can allow Him to make us into something that causes people to be drawn to Him, or we can go through this life and be a bitter taste in the mouths of people.

The wine that ends up in the bottle is a reflection of its maker.  If you drink and it tastes awful, you are less likely to purchase wine from that label again. You will assume every wine he makes is poor quality. There are people out there who have left a bitter taste in someone’s mouth. They have done something in the name of Christ that is no reflection of who He is. We have been selfish, we've gossiped and hurt and wounded people, and because we claim to follow Him they want nothing to do with Him. They have written God and all his people off.

Am I a true reflection of who God is? When people encounter me, am I causing them to want to know more of this mercy, this grace this love that is unconditional? This captivating Christ who beckons me to give up everything for Him, do they see that? 

Will I leave an impression on people that cause them to seek out where I came from………

Friday, June 14, 2013


Excited to announce...

Want to help out?

Ask my some questions for my "Reader Question" Chapter.
If I answer it in the book....YOU get a free copy!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mamas, Bloggers and Babies

I am leaving this morning with the twins and heading to Sunriver to meet up with two amazing women, Mama and bloggers!

My longtime friend Megan from The Boho Mama and I connected via the internet with Adriel (she changed her blog name recently but when I stalked her it was called Mommyhood Memos)
Adriel is originally from Bend, Oregon but has been living in Australia with her hubby and two little boys for over 10 years working with YWAM and rural Papua New Guinea.

Adriel is the mastermind behind Bloggers for Birth Kits and Project Baby Bilum, as well as the Sunshine Project...and Meg is the mastermind behind the Umi Sling. 
You need to click those links and read up on it!

She is visiting with her littles and invited Megan and I to meet up with her and our kiddos for a few nights.

Jack gets to stay home to hang with just Daddy and I get time with the twins.

I've never gone solo with the boys for a trip, or anything before...but I am excited and it's going to be crazy and fun!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Adoption Update

Hey friends.

Not a lot to update, but wanted to keep ya in the loop!

We are continuing to use Just Love Coffee to raise money. 
Super easy. 
You buy coffee and we get a good chunk of the money.
This will be ongoing...and the coffee is really really good.

We will be doing a garage sale this summer, so if any of you local peeps have awesome junk to donate, let me know and we will take it!

When we knew we would adopt we knew we had to be open to anything.
Because nothing looks the same at the end of adoption as when you started.

We have decided to take the courses to be able to adopt through the State.
Since our parameters are pretty small (in wanting to keep birth order and not taking significant special needs) it could be awhile before that happened. 
We will take the classes in September and then go from there. 

We have also let the local Pregnancy Resource Center and other individuals related to pregnant mom's know we are open to private adoption.

The bottom line remains.
We feel very complete with our boys.
We are not desperate for another baby or a girl.
This isn't about that, because we could have many more of our own children if that was the case. 

We feel called to give a home to a child (or two) who legitimately needs one.
We have the means and the call to do so.
Whether international, private or through the State....
We are just walking where we have been called. 

So that's where we are!

We have about $550 raised so far!

Thank you for your continued love and support!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We left our kids and went to Disneyland!

It's true.
We left our kids behind and went to Disneyland just the two of us.
We've been putting bits and pieces away for 10 years to do something fun and decided to cash in!

We flew, stayed in a hotel 1/2 a mile from the park and got 3 Day Park Hopper Passes.
We left Oregon at 6:30am and were in the park by 11:00am that first day!

We stayed until 11:00pm that night
Got to the park when it opened the next two days and then on the third day left at 2:30pm and were home by 11:00pm that night.

With all that's been going on at church and Trev's schooling, he was OVERDUE for a break.
Usually it takes my man a few days to relax on a vacation...but when we go to Disneyland it's instant.
20 minutes at the park and I could visibly see him relax.

Crazy right? It's busy and lots of people, but it really is the place we can just let everything go and have fun.
It was so nice to have time just the two of us.
To not be needed or worried about the boys.
To eat and talk and take our time.

I wish I could take him once a year...just so he can get the break he needs.

We are so thankful for amazing friends and my parents who took care of the boys while we were gone, especially my amazing Mama. We couldn't have done it without them.

We didn't take anything but my phone and his wallet into the park, it was so nice not to lug things around. 
So...I give to you...lots of selfies on my iPhone :)

Yes. We are sorta Disneyland freaks. 
If you need tips for going, especially with kiddos...let me know!
We've done it solo, with a family and with an 11 week old, twin 11 month olds and a 3 1/2 Year old and Two Year olds and a 4 year old :)

One of my favs! Screamin!

I tried to get him to buy it....

AMAZING! Get fast passes for it, it's worth it. The most amazing show I've seen!

First time getting Mint Julep's 

The Iron Man expo was was too long to do the simulated suit but this was fun

We walked out of a store and bam...literally walked into these guys :)

We did lunch at Ariel's Grotto. Yes, we were the only people in there without kids but the food was amazing!

That's right. 

Love of my life

Last morning there we did early entry and felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!