Wasted....the scoop

I feel I have been a bit quiet here on the blog lately.

Posting about Trades of Hope and adoption stuff...but otherwise fairly quiet.

Don't mistake that for not much happening!

I have been asked to be a contributor over at Earth Monkey Moms, I would love for you to follow over there. Amazing women encouraging Mom's.

I will also be contributing in another place soon, and I am very excited about that....God has just kind of been dropping things in my lap lately and I'm having to say no to some good stuff. Trying to filter it through my gifting and passions, even though they are all good things.

We are seeing God move in some amazing ways in our friends, and family and our community. I have mentioned before we are without a senior pastor right now, and in this interim time we are seeing some incredible things come about.

We are in for a crazy ride, who knows where God will take us. I'm excited. Scared too...but I would rather be no where else than in the path of Him...no matter how scary or dangerous it may look.

I wrote a poem/song a few months back. November actually. When God really began stirring in my heart and I was putting words to my thoughts and my feelings about it all.

I've held onto it, not knowing if I should share it or not. I feel it's time.

I hope this serves as an encouragement to you, if you are feeling like God is doing something but you aren't sure you are ready. I hope in inspires you to seek Him and allow Him to do with you what you want.

This inspired the tattoo I got on my foot "waste me on you". I believe it with every beat, every breath and every step.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Seriously this is beautiful, Krystle. Echoes of my soul! I absolutely love it.

  2. Really, really beautiful Krystle!!

  3. As always, wonderful! Cannot wait to see the plans God has for you!


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