Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are you okay with being invisible?

Been struggling with something lately.....

How do we inspire others to change, and to be the change without making it about us?

How do we love on people, and step outside of our comfort zone, and yet...not draw attention to us?

Sometimes we make a big deal out of something that's done, when in reality it's just what we are all called to do. 

How do we urge one another on and be a catalyst for change without bringing it back around to us?

Can we quietly do what we are called to do, and pray that word spreads about what is being done but be okay if it never comes back to us? Can we be okay with our name never being mentioned along with the awesome deed? I have had to ask myself these questions lately. Is it okay to be invisible in all of this? My friend Jenna has challenged me to this. Can I live my whole entire life spilled out for Him, with virtually nothing tangible on this earth to show for it and be okay with it?

How do we as a church make waves but not spend Sunday morning clapping for ourselves and saying "good job us".

We have to be creative with this. We have to think it through and not think about ourselves. 

Can we help someone on the side of the road and not tweet about it?
Can we surprise someone with groceries and not Facebook it?
Can we do what we are called to do anyway, and not toot our own horn?

Is it possible to live love out loud and yet not bring attention to ourselves?
Can we inspire without exclaiming? Can we leverage people to do the same without pride entering in?

Or do we live in a culture of "me me me" even in our supposedly selfless acts of love.......

We must love. We must be stretched. We must step outside of our comfort zones and do exactly as He has asked (this shouldn't be a surprise, this is the life you signed up for if you decided to follow Jesus...but maybe it got lost in the Americanized version of following Jesus....)

Let's work on this, I know I need to.....this 100% selfless love..........


  1. Yes. Invisible so that HE is famous. I am working on this every day, and learning at the same time how precious I am to Him. That while I may be invisible to the world I am most certainly loved by the one who created it. Oh friend! How I cherish walking this road with you.