Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Freed to Fly- A story from Haiti

I will always be amazed at people who can see 
the potential of something before it's beautiful  
They see what it can become before others do. And then they make it beautiful. 
They have the vision and the talent.

Meet Michele-Brutel

He turns this

into this:

Freed to Fly

And what's even more amazing? He does it with 4 tools.

As we pulled up to this area called Croix de Bouquet  and hopped out of the tap-tap, we saw little houses or shops side by side, men standing on the outside, waiting for us to enter so we could see their handiwork.

They call it "tin-city" and these men make something beautiful out of something ugly and it's changing their lives.

This specific piece is made by Michele and his employees, a few men who put food on their own table and several of their family members tables as well.

When we asked Michele what this means to him, his working and selling his products to us he lights up. His daughter is in school. She is planning to go to University and be
come a doctor.

Without selling his products, school is out of the question. That comes after food of course. It's an opportunity not everyone has and he is grateful to provide it for his daughter.

Isn't that how we all feel? The desire to take care of our family and provide for them, giving them the opportunity to succeed, that exists everywhere. Every country, every language.

Just think, Michele sends his daughter to university and she is given the opportunity to live a dream. She becomes a doctor, changing her life and her families. Her future children will live a different life. The cycle is broken.

An opportunity.
A change.
A chance.

And it wasn't because of a hand-out or charity. It was because he was given an opportunity and the joy and pride (the good kind) is what he feels knowing he can support and provide for his child and the generations that follow.

I am beyond humbled to partner with Michele and others like him. A link in the chain.

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  1. Love this! What amazing talent! I love to see the unique gifts God gives people! L

  2. Beautifully written! So clearly conveys what we are about in Trades of Hope,and the power of opportunity in people's lives.