Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ankle Updation

I will be back with more Haiti stories next week I promise!

I had surgery on my ankle Thursday and have been on my butt with my foot up since.

No fun.

I have my post-op appointment in 11 days and if I'm doing good I can't start on an exercise bike. After my 6 week appointment, if all is well I can start back into a walk/run routine and hopefully be back running shortly thereafter.

We still aren't sure how a piece of bone broke off and found its way into my ankle joint. Could have been when I had the stress fracture, could have been from a past ankle turn and it just was dormant until the other injury.
Who knows.

Good thing is, although there was some damage done to the cartilage he didn't do anything with it. We are hopeful it won't give me any issues in the future!

This doing nothing thing has really been a test of patience for sure :)


  1. Rest and recover friend! Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures, but for now, REST!

  2. ummm, your toes are naked!! :(