And so we begin....

I wasn't sure when I left for Haiti, all the reasons why I was going.

I mean, I knew the main reason: to meet the artisans Trades of Hope partner's with and to see first hand how what we are doing is changing lives. That alone was enough and worth it.

Yet, I knew there was more. From the moment I heard about the trip and shared with my friends, we knew there was more. Another reason besides the obvious, maybe even several.

While I was in Haiti, I prayed constantly that God would open my eyes to see what He wanted me to see, to stir my heart if it needed stirring, to bring my attention to something. I tried to be in each moment like my friend Jenna prayed for and to be open to whatever He was saying.

I believe there are several things coming from this trip, and many may be years down the road. One thing that I can share with you now is, we will be pursuing adoption from Haiti.

Maybe some of you thought that was obvious, but for us it wasn't. We prayed that if we were to purse adoption from this country we would know and for the first several days I didn't feel that adoption was a part of why I was there. And then on that third night, it became heavy on my heart and as my husband and I talked when I got home we both felt this was the step to take!

Me loving on a sweet girl

Since being home I've been reading up on as much as I can, contacting different agencies and gathering as much information as I can.

Visiting Three Angels was the kicker for me, and we plan to pursue adoption through this orphanage. The care is excellent, in some ways better than what you might see in a U.S. daycare facility.

So now what?

We pray. 
That's really the first and foremost thing. We pray that God continues to guide us and that we can discern between emotions and what He is calling us to do.

We get out of debt. 
We have a lot of debt over 3 NICU babies and subsequent medical things and we are working hard to pay that off. We have a lofty goal of this fall, but we believe we can do it.This is gonna take miracles, but God is in that business.
We believe it's the wisest move to be out of debt before we purse adoption as the costs are high. For a look at the expense breakdown, click here

We do fundraisers.
As I stated before, my Trades of Hope earnings are going towards our adoption fund.
In addition to that, I am cooking up several other ideas which I will tell you about as we are ready to launch them.

I do have one other I can share with you now!
"Ordinary Hero Foundation is a nonprofit, 501c3, child advocacy organization. Our goal is to encourage and provide a way for every person to make a difference in the life of a child in need, through adoption, missions, or local outreach.  

We believe every child needs a HERO, wants a HERO, and is looking for a HERO. We believe that HERO is YOU
Let us help you get connected to the child who needs you."

When you purchase items through the Ordinary Hero store and 
select my name: Krystle Bowen
 through the affiliate drop down tap upon checkout, Ordinary Hero gives us 40% of that purchase to go towards our adoption fund!!

That can seriously add up!
 There is stuff for men, women, kids and more!

You can also click my link to the right and donate with paypal!

Check this out:

Oh yeah- it says Haiti on it.

So there ya go.

It's a long process.
It's going to be hard and we will probably want to throw in the towel at some point along the way.
Reminding ourselves that this is not about us.
It's about Him.
He called us and He will sustain us.

I have no visions of a storybook process, I am fully aware of what lies ahead.
God has placed incredible people in my life that have walked this path before me and I know I will meet more along the way.
Their transparency and candor is greatly appreciated and will be what we cling to.

Will you walk this with us?
Praying for us and our kids and for our future kids.
Pray for God's provision and clarity and for Him to be glorified.

Let's do this people.


  1. AHHHH!!!!!! I am SO, SO, SO thrilled for you!!!! This is absolutely exciting and I know that God will provide financially for this adoption. He has called you to this and He will blow you away with how He will work to make this happen!!! Much love and many prayers being sent your way, sweet friend!!!
    (and, OH MY! that photo is the sweetest thing ever)!

  2. Had to buy a couple Haiti shirts! So excited for what God has for you and your family!

  3. good luck with your adoption! So exciting! we have a friend who adopted 2 babies from Ethiopia, she has a blog that might give you some ideas for fundraising or maybe just a little inspiration :)

  4. When I saw that photo on instagram, my heart said you would be going back to bring your baby home... <3

  5. Krystle, that is so exciting! Praying for you guys as you start this adoption journey!

  6. Krystle, praying for you and your family! So excited to see with you what God will do!


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