Change: In Perspective

I head out tonight for a change of perspective. 

I am heading to Haiti with a group of women from Trades of Hope. We are going to be meeting with some of our amazing artisans and learning their stories, seeing what they do and how our purchases directly impact their lives.

A few years back I would have told you I would never be doing this and yet here I am, and I just know this is the first of many trips like this.

I love to share other's stories and I cannot wait to share with you about these amazing people who are working so hard to make a life for themselves and the privilege we have to help.

You remember that this trip came together in a whirlwind of a week and there is no way I could have manufactured it. This was all HIS doing and I am excited beyond belief to see what He does.

I know there will be more than meets the eye and I am anxious to see what unfolds. 

We all need a change of perspective and when the days are long and full of poopy diapers and crying toddlers and messy's good to go someplace where that is the least of their worries.

Trades of Hope is about providing opportunity, not charity and that's what excites me most.

If you don't know about Trades of Hope, click this right here!


  1. wow! I cannot wait to hear about your trip..I'm sure it will be a life-changing, beautiful, & hard experience!!


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