Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Party Train Style

Playing with Daddy's train that his Grampa made him when he turned 1!!

Such a ham!

My bear

The amazing train cake made by my Mom! So yummy!

Jack got the boys flashlights and they love them!

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Honestly guys...I mean. Come on.

Notice the righty and the lefty!? GG are you proud??


  1. how adorable!! {The party & the birthday boys :-)!! } I can't believe their two --- doesn't it go by way too fast?! I think we found the "light at the end of the tunnel" when the boys hit two. We just found our stride. I am loving this age and cannot believe my boys will be three in a few months. It really does fly by with two little guys to keep you busy!

    The train theme is sooo cute!!

    And, I love that you have one righty and one lefty - we do too! my hubby is proud :)

  2. What a cute party! ic an't believe our boys are TWO!