Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beat the Bug!

This week has been super tough. Jack started getting sick Sunday, by Tuesday evening Trevor was feeling it and on Wednesday the twins and I got sick.

Trevor tested positive for influenza, and who the heck knows what the rest of us have had. Trev was basically quarantined in the bedroom until 24 hours after his fever broke (without meds) because there was no way I wanted to expose the kids or I.

Dealing with 3 sick kids, while sick and while your hubby is stuck in the room as miserable as you've ever seen him...just sucks.

We are still dealing with coughs and yucky noses 11 days later and our valley here is being infested with sickness. I am afraid to leave my house. Croup, RSV, the flu and on and on. 11 kids in Jack's preschool class were out last week and the hospital is full of little ones and younger adults alike with this stuff.

In other areas of the country things are getting better in terms of flu and such, but it looks like Oregon is still rising.

I've been impatient and cranky all week, and so have my kids. We need fresh air (it's been freezing cold and raining) and a break from this stuff!

On another note....I have my MRI on Friday for my ankle/foot thing to see what is going on AND the twins turn TWO on Sunday and I leave for Haiti a week from Friday.


We need to get healthy. We need to beat the bug!

Would love your prayers.


  1. Oh, man! I feel you! When I was pregnant with Wyatt we got the flu, and passed it around, Logan and myself getting it twice, and it was AWFUL! Sounds like you have a full plate without the flu, so you must be drowning! Try to keep your head up. I will pray for healing and enough time to complete all you need to for your trip!!!

  2. Gahhh I'm so sorry! Just miserable. I am praying for you and your boys!! I'm the same...we aren't going to church or mom's group because it's not even worth getting the crud going around.