Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Change: Embracing the Unexpected

When I picked "Change" for my word this year, I really had no idea what that would look like. I hoped it would include a shrinking of my pant size and a physical change, as well as continued internal change where my heart is concerned.

I couldn't have imagined the change that would take place in the first month of January  and if this month is evidence of the year to come then I best hang on to my hat.

We are two days away from finishing up 21 days of fasting using the Daniel Fast. I had never done anything like it, and while the first 5 days I was mean a little edgy and downright exhausted sleepy, after that I felt fantastic, increased energy and increased focus. 

If that had been a diet, I would have failed around day 7 when a major change hit us upside the head and my natural instinct would have been to dig into some ice cream. But since it wasn't a diet, I didn't cheat or fail by one morsel. 

Along with the fasting we are doing The Circle Maker's Draw the Circle 40 Day Prayer Challenge with a few other couples, and the fasting along with this specific prayer focus has been incredible. Our food fast is over, but we've chosen to fast from spending for the remaining 19 days like we did here. 

I love that the 40 days ends the day before I leave for Haiti aka in 17 days. Gulp. No, the trip doesn't make me nervous (well, maybe the flying part) but leaving my sweet men is going to hurt a bit. But that's what I signed up for. The uncomfortable life. The life that screams this is not about me, and so I embrace the uncertainty and trust in the One who has called us all to live like this. 

Most of you know my sweet man is the full time Worship Pastor at our church. Our church is just beginning a huge change that caught us all off guard and we are searching for a new Senior Pastor. This is a major and unexpected change. God knew all the while I picked that word and prayed it...that this was coming, only weeks into the year. He is faithful isn't He?

This means months of waiting and uncertainty and change and who knows what else. 

What I do know? I know that we've never had control over anything, and we're not about to try and orchestrate things now. I know that church does not belong to any man, but to God and is used for His purposes only. I know that even greater things are on the horizon for our family and I feel like my bags are packed (metaphorically speaking at this point Mom, and Grandma) and I'm just ready to go wherever and whenever He calls. It's quite exciting actually.

To know that you have no control over anything, and yet you trust in this God who has your best interests in mind. What freedom in that!

So bring on the change. Not all will be good. Not all will be without sorrow and pain, but I know the end of this story and that is what I cling to.


  1. praying for you! it's an ambitious one word, that's for sure lady! But as a disciple of Christ we can just rest and trust in the fact that nothing can change the greatest truth... that our eternity is sealed with Him in Glory. That HE never changes. In a word spinning around us, HE is still. I love your heart and attitude toward Him.

  2. Krystle, change is hard I definitely know...I've always disliked change. But I think we all know it can be good and stretching- something God thinks we all need...right?
    Hey I just want to say how great it is that your doing that fast especially right before your missions trip to Haiti.
    After significant seasons of fasting it's really cool to see how God opens up our spiritual eyes and ears to what He's doing. I especially love that your church is doing that 40 day prayer challenge. I had a friend recommend that book to me a while back- "The Circle Maker". Awesome life changing stuff.
    I'll say a prayer for you for your trip!

  3. I can't wait to hear all about Haiti. I'm totally envious, in the best kind of way.

  4. wow!! So many big things happening in your life right now!!!! I cannot wait to hear more about how God continues to work and move in your life. you are such a light for Christ and your obedience to His call is inspiring and refreshing!!! hugs to you!!!

  5. ps -- i hadn't heard of the Daniel Fast before...sounds amazing and scary and life-changing. i need to hear more! :)